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Teknix GREENTEK is a new generation elevators made with finest german craftship and years of research and development that has gone into the minutest detail to make it technological marvel. Teknix Greentek is born with state of the art critical components like new generation ultra high precision integrated close loop VVVF drive with DTI and Direct Landing Technology and stylish human interface devices together outperform to give a impeccable elevator ride.




408kgs- 1632kgs( 6-24 Pax )


1.00m/s - 3.0m/s


2 - 30


Gearless PMSM/Frequency Controlled


Full Collective Selective

Door width


Door height

2100mm- 2400mm

Top Features of Greentek

Protects against unintended car Movement caused by snapping of ropes.

Anti Squeeze
Door System

Any malfunction of light curtain, the motor returns the doors on sensing the pressure of a object in between the doors.


Dense curtains with criss cross beams to form an invisible safety net at the enterence & responnds to any object or person coming into detection plane.

Rescue Device

Automatic rescue device as a standard which brings the elevator to the nearest floor incase of power failure.

Dual Rescue
Disc Brakes

Greentek gearless machines are equipped with dual vented disc brakes for a safe and smooth breaking.

Pit Buffer

Hydraulic Pit Buffer system with terminal switch for electric circuit detachment for additional safety.


Protects against overspeed with downward over speed protection device with terminal switch for electric circuit detachment.


Protection against overloading of the elevator than the desired load capacity.

Earthquake Protection
System (Optional)

Earthquake protection system is installed as a standard which stops the elevator at nearest landing in case of earthquake.

Over Run Protection System

Protects the occupants incase of elevator overshoot or undershoot with three stage terminal limit cut off system for extra occupant safety.

Fire Rated
Door System

Greentek door comes with 120 minutes of fire rating as a standard certified as per the confirmative European code.

Functions of Greentek
  • Control system : Multiple microcomputer based close-loop control system with direct landing technology
  • Drive : Frequency controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor based gearless traction machine with dual vented disc brakes
  • Curve Generation : Microcomputer senses the load in the elevator & generates the S curve based on the torque required automatically
  • Door Operator : VVVF door operating system with close loop control
  • Door Protection : Full length infrared light curtain provided for safety of passengers
  • Human Interface Device : Stylish Touch operated car operating panel, with 7” Color TFT LCD display
  • Operation : Full Collective Selective
  • Direction Indicators : Car & Landing Operating Panels will be equipped with direction and floor indication display for easy facilitation of passengers
  • Call Cancellation : Wrong Destination call can be cancelled by double press of destination button
  • Auto on/off : Ventilation & lighting would have automatic on/off function
  • Overspeed Protection : When elevator speed is more then the calibrated speed, the device will automatically stop the elevator motor and activate the car safety device in turn activating the unintended car movement device to stop the car from moving further.
  • Automatic Rescue Device : Automatic Rescue Device will be provided in the elevator, which brings the elevator to the nearest landing in case of power failure
  • Car Illumination : LED power saving lighting inside the car for illumination
  • Car Ventilation : Cross Flow Ventilation system in the car
  • Power Supply : AC415V, 3phase & AC220V , 1phase , 50HZ AC
  • Phase Loss Protection : Automatic Phase loss protection system stop the elevator when it senses the loss of one of the three phases
  • Over – run Protection system : Up/Down overrun protection System with triple layer limit switch for extra safety
  • Buffer System : Hydraulically operated buffer system with mechanical cut off limit switch for extreme soft landing in case of buffering
  • Anti Nuisance System : Gets enabled when all the destination buttons are pressed incase there is only one passenger in the elevator with intention of nuisance
  • Auto Park Feature : Car gets parked automatically to the set parking stop after completing all the calls
  • Full Load Direct Run : Incase of Full load, elevator will not stop at the pre-registered landings.
  • Dynamic Isolation : Complete Dynamic isolation for cabin, for reduced resonance and shaft noise
  • Ultra Heavy duty vertical drive system : Extra Thick guide rails for ultimate riding comfort and smoothness
  • Door Height : 2100mm clear door height as a standard feature
  • Designated Torque Injection : DTI system uses feedback from the load sensor and supplies the exact torque as required for the passenger load in the elevator at that instance, which in turn saves power substantially
  • Formed Sigma Bracket system : ST-37 grade SIGMA formed bracket for extra strength and rigidity
  • Safety Device : Progressive Safety Device for utmost passenger safety
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