Quality Policy

At Teknix, we believe that quality is everybody's responsibility. It is this mindset that has shaped both our quality policy and the relationship with our stake holders. Our vendors are carefully evaluated - not just for the material they supply but for their commitment to quality. Incoming raw material and parts are inspected stringently and random sample checks are carried out on intermediate products. Every final product is throughly tested before it reaches our customers.

Certifications, we believe, are an important part of the Quality Process. So even while we uphold the demanding standards of being an ISO-9001-2008 Certified Company, we continue to add more certifications and confirm to different standards, like meeting the EN 81-71 standards for vandal resistant elevators.

And while our obsession with quality is evident in every elevator that sports our label, we know that things can always be better. Our quest for quality therefore is a never-ending one.