Roll up those sleeves and get stuck into the job to be done –It's time to see the world from a new perspective. Because the new Greentek changes everything. It changes the way you work, the way you play, and the way you travel. The choice of materials, the degree of perfection and Exclusivity in the interior surpass expectations. And it is simply in the new Greentek's DNA to shine with technical innovations. Change is coming your way. You will see it, Sense it and experience it for yourself.

Green Technology

Teknix Greentek reduces your power consumption upto 60% by using high efficiency gearless Permenant Magnet Synchronous machine. Moreover comes with DTI or designated torque injection which helps in saving additional power compared to other gearless elevators.

Environment Friendly

Teknix Greentek is a elevator for greener buildings. In addition to the energy advantage, Greentek gearless motor requires no lubrication and zero maintenance

Smoother Ride

The Greentek Elevators are equipped with integrated close loop drive and DTI technology for ultimate riding comfort.

Low Headroom Height

Another outstanding feature of the Teknix Greentek is the low headroom height, which adds space for you to use. Also, this elevator requires no machine Room. And that’s completely hassle free & space saving.

Designated Torque Injection

Designated Torque Injection technology in the controller uses feed back received from the Load Sensor and supplies the exact voltage and frequency to motor required at that instance which in turn saves power & gives a smoother ride.

Direct Landing System

Teknix Greentek comes with Direct Landing system which completely expels the need for creeping speed by using rotary encoder for leveling

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