TEKNIX GREENTEK ULTIMA is a class-leading product giving the finest unparalleled precision and technology to suite your custom needs. Teknix Greentek Ultima comes with a state of the art, gearless traction machine which can be installed without the machine room. We design products keeping high margins on safety and maximum durability.
Teknix Greentek Ultima comes with the latest Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor technology to reduce the capacity of the motor and other electrical equipment, resulting in substantial savings in energy costs. With this technology adopted, it provides a quiet and comfortable ride.


  • Type MRL/MMR
  • Powered by Gearless Traction Machine
  • Capacity - 408-2720kgs (6p-40p)
  • Speed - 1.00m/s – 2.75m/s
  • Landings - 2-30
  • Less / Mini Machine Room
  • Performance in a new or exisiting building
  • No oil
  • No hole drilling
  • Uses 70% less energy than hydraulic applications
  • Minimal building interface
  • Direct Landing System
  • Destination Dispatch System as Optional Feature