Corporate Profile

TEKNIX elevators Pvt. Ltd has entered into collaboration with SRH Aufzüge GmbH which is based from Bremen, Germany.

SRH Aufzuge GmbH is a integrated multinational enterprise which develops, Researches and manufactures Elevators, Escalators. The company is located in Bremen, Germany the second largest port city in germany which is a manufacturing base of large electronics, Ship building and automotive industries and the world's largest port city for automotive trade.

In Germany as a member of VFA- Interlift e.V. SRH Aufzuge has participated in Drafting of the EU standards and norms for elevators. SRH Aufzuge GmbH has established its network all over the globe with a global manufacturing unit based in P.R. China in the name of Sicher Elevator Co., Ltd. And has introduced German Advanced Technologies and management , Control Systems, Door Operators and other core Components.

With Teknix Elevators Pvt. Ltd joining hands as collaboration partner with SRH Aufzuge GmbH for the India market we now have technology for elevators with speed upto 8 m/s and German Research and development leading to the best of the vertical transport solution available in India today.

SRH Aufzuge GmbH Research and development can be seen at 108m tall test tower at the china operations and latest manufacturing techniques which brings in the quality to the end product.

Our partner operations in China covers an area of 1,47,600 Square meters , with overall floorage as 1,70,000 Square Meters, Own Manufacturing Center, R & D Center, Customer Service Center, as well as fully Fledged elevator Test tower of 108 meters with running speed of 8m/s. It also has introduced production facilities and inspecting equipments with world advanced levels from Germany , Italy and other countries to keep the production capacity of 40,000 units as a annual output, which is large scale and global market oriented manufacturing enterprise for elevators, Escalators & Parking Systems.

Our Partner companies have 16 Advanced Production lines including fully automatic Sheet metal working line from Salvagnini – Italy , Kuka Robotic Welding from Germany, Fully Automatic Powder painting Line from Wegner – Germany, Raskin Multi Station Turret Punch Line from Switzerland, Beyeler NC- Machining Station from Germany and Many more.

Our Collaboration partner has service network across 46 countries and regions all over the globe.

We at Teknix Elevators Pvt. Ltd would be now in collaboration with SRH Aufzüge and would be supplying elevators with German technology, Research and development in the collaborative name as TEKNIX in collaboration with SRH Aufzüge GmbH.